Criminological Theory

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CCJ 5606 - Criminological Theory

Instructor: Dr. Cecil E. Greek
Office: Hecht House 219
Phone: (850) 644-4746
(850) 906-0340 (home)
(850) 339-4268 (cell)
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Office Hours:
M 8AM until 3:30PM

Welcome to Criminological Theory!

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This course provides a comprehensive overview of criminological theory. As such the course covers rational choice, biological, psychological, sociological, and critical perspectives on criminology. Much thanks should be given to all those students who have assisted in creating the on-line version of this course. In particular, Professor Ted Chiricos contributed significantly to this course.

Course Objectives

1. To understand the use of the scientific method in the construction of theory. Students will develop skills to critique theories from a scientific perspective.

2. To comprehend the significance of social, historical, and political factors as related to the emergence, popularity, and rejection of theories. Students will be expected to analyze theories in light of these factors.

3. To understand in what ways contemporary theories are being employed within the criminal justice system. The class will focus on the implications of various theories for policy.

4. To understand that criminological theory has included both competing perspectives and integrated models. Students will assess the utility of each approach.


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