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Eric Baumer

Baumer's research focuses on how structural and cultural features of social collectivities influence attitudes and behavior. He has addressed this general theme in multilevel studies of the nature of violence, the mobilization of law, the formation of death penalty attitudes, and the disposition of felony cases; macrolevel studies of spatial and temporal crime and social control patterns; and case studies of crime and justice in unique sociocultural contexts such as Malta, Iceland, and Ireland.

Eric Baumer

Allen E. Liska Professor of Criminology
306A Eppes Hall


Ph.D. 1998, University at Albany, State University of New York; Sociology
M.A. 1994, University of Missouri-St. Louis; Criminology & Criminal Justice
B.S. 1992, Truman State University; Political Science

Courses Taught

  • Criminological Theory (Graduate & Undergraduate)
  • Theory Testing (Graduate)
  • Communities and Crime (Graduate)
  • Quantitative Data Analysis (Undergraduate)
  • Statistics (Undergraduate)
  • Sociology of Punishment (Graduate)
  • Sociology of Legal Decision Making (Undergraduate)
  • Seminar on Crime Trends (Undergraduate)

Research Interests

  • Temporal and Spatial Crime Patterns
  • Community Influences on Attitudes and Behavior
  • Sociology of Punishment
  • Comparative Criminology

Select Publications

  • Baumer, Eric P. and Janet Lauritsen. 2010. “Reporting Crime to the Police, 1973-2005: A Multivariate Analysis of Long-Term Trends in the NCS and NCVS.” Criminology (Forthcoming)
  • LaFree, Gary, Eric P. Baumer, and Bob O'Brien. 2010. “Social Context and the Racial Gap in Violence: A City-Level Analysis of Changes in Black-White Homicide Arrest Ratios, 1960-2000.” American Sociological Review (Forthcoming)
  • Stewart, Eric A., Eric P. Baumer, Rod Brunson, and Ronald Simons. 2009. “Neighborhood Racial Context and Perceptions of Racial Discrimination among Black Youth.” Criminology 47: 847-887.
  • Baumer, Eric P. 2008. “Evaluating the Balance Sheet of Asset Forfeiture Laws: Toward Evidence-Based Policy Assessments.” Criminology & Public Policy 7:245-256.
  • Baumer, Eric P., and Regan Gustafson. 2007. “Social Organization and Instrumental Crime: Assessing the Empirical Validity of Classic and Contemporary Anomie Theories.” Criminology 45:617-663.
  • Stults, Brian J., and Eric P. Baumer. 2007. “Racial Context and Police Force Size: Modeling Intervening Processes.” American Journal of Sociology 113:507-546.

Selected Grants

  • Baumer, Eric P. “Assessing the Link Between Foreclosure and Crime: A Multilevel Analysis Across Neighborhoods, Cities, and Metropolitan Areas.” National Institute of Justice. Award Amount: $362,206. Award Period: December 1, 2009-November 30, 2011.
  • Baumer, Eric P. “A Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Sex, Race, and Ethnic Disparities in the Probability of Incarceration.” National Science Foundation. Award Amount: $93,862. Award Period: July 15, 2009 � June 30, 2011.

Recent Papers