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Eric Stewart

Stewart's recent research has found that neighborhood ecological characteristics influence recidivism, aspirations, and violence.

Eric Stewart

310D Eppes Hall


Ph.D. 2000 Iowa State University; Sociology
M.S. 1996 Auburn University; Sociology
B.A. 1995 Fort Valley State University, GA; Criminal Justice

Courses Taught

  • Violent Crime
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Deviant Behavior
  • Criminology
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Seminar in Criminology (graduate)
  • Seminar in Violent Crime (graduate)
  • Seminar in Juvenile Delinquency (graduate)
  • Applied/Intermediate Statistics (graduate)

Research Interests

  • Neighborhoods and Crime
  • Life Course Criminology
  • Youth Violence
  • Families and Delinquency
  • Contextual Effects
  • Adolescent Outcomes
  • Police/Citizen Interactions

Select Publications

Berg, Mark T., Eric A. Stewart, Rod K. Brunson, and Ronald L. Simons. 2012. “Neighborhood Cultural Heterogeneity and Adolescent Violence.” Journal of Quantitative Criminology 28: 411-435.

Berg, Mark T., Eric A. Stewart, Christopher J. Schreck, and Ronald L. Simons. 2012. “The Victim-Offender Overlap in Context: Examining the Role of Neighborhood Street Culture.” Criminology 50:359-390.

McGloin, Jean Marie, Christopher J. Schreck, Eric A. Stewart, and Graham S. Ousey. 2011. “Predicting the Violent Offender: The Discriminant Validity of the Subculture of Violence.” Criminology. 49:767-794.

Stewart, Eric A. and Ronald L. Simons. 2010. “Race, Code of the Street, and Violent Delinquency: A Multilevel Investigation of Neighborhood Street Culture and Individual Norms of Violence.” Criminology. 48:569-605.

Christopher J. Schreck, Melissa W. Burek, Eric A. Stewart, and J. Mitchell Miller. "Distress and Violent Victimization among Young Adolescents: A Test of the Social Interactionist Explanation and a Case Study of Early Puberty." Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency. 44:381-405

Endya B. Stewart, Eric A. Stewart, and Ronald L. Simons. "The Effect of Neighborhood Context on the College Aspirations of African American Adolescents." American Educational Research Journal. 43:427-458

Eric A. Stewart. 2007. "Either they don't know or they don't care: Black males and negative police experiences." Criminology and Public Policy 6:123-130.

Eric A. Stewart, Christopher J. Schreck, and Ronald L. Simons. 2006. "I ain't gonna let no one disrespect me": Does the Code of the Street Reduce or Increase Violent Victimization among African American Adolescents?" Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 43:427-458.

Charis E. Kubrin and Eric A. Stewart. 2006. "Predicting Who Reoffends: The Neglected Role of Neighborhood Context in Recidivism Studies." Criminology 44:165-197.

Eric A. Stewart and Ronald L. Simons. 2006. “Structure and Culture in African-American Adolescent Violence: A Partial Test of the Code of the Street Thesis.” Justice Quarterly 23:1-33.

Eric A. Stewart. 2003. “School Social Bonds, School Climate, and School Misbehavior: A Multilevel Analysis.” Justice Quarterly 20:575-604.

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Ronald L. Simons, Eric A. Stewart, Leslie Gordon, Rand D. Conger, and Glen H. Elder. 2002. “Explaining Stability and Change in Antisocial Behavior from Adolescence to Young Adulthood.” Criminology 40:401-434


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