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Sonja Siennick

Sonja Siennick

Assistant Professor
315B Eppes Hall


Ph.D., 2009, The Pennsylvania State University; Sociology
M.A., 2005, The Pennsylvania State University; Crime, Law, and Justice
B.A., 2001, Purchase College, State University of New York; Psychology

Research Interests

  • Crime and deviance
  • Family relationships
  • Life course
  • Quantitative methods

Select Publications

  • Siennick, Sonja E. 2013. “Still the Favorite? Parents’ Differential Treatment of Siblings Entering Young Adulthood.” Journal of Marriage and Family 75: 981-994. [abstract]
  • Mears, Daniel P., Eric A. Stewart, Sonja E. Siennick, and Ronald L. Simons. 2013. “The Code of the Street and Inmate Violence: Investigating the Salience of Imported Belief Systems.” Criminology 51: 695-728. [abstract]
  • Siennick, Sonja E., Daniel P. Mears, and William D. Bales. 2013. “Here and Gone: Anticipation and Separation Effects of Prison Visits on Inmate Infractions.” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 50: 417-444. [abstract]
  • Siennick, Sonja E. 2012. “Deterrence and the Death Penalty: A New Look at Some Recent Findings (Editorial Introduction).” Criminology & Public Policy 11: 535-537. [article]
  • Siennick, Sonja E., and D. Wayne Osgood. 2012. “Hanging Out with Which Friends? Determinants of Frequency of Informal Socializing in Adolescent Friendships.” Journal of Research on Adolescence 22: 646-661. [article]
  • Mears, Daniel P., Joshua Cochran, Sonja E. Siennick, and William D. Bales. 2012. “Prison Visitation and Recidivism.” Justice Quarterly 29: 888-918. [abstract]
  • Osgood, D. Wayne, and Sonja E. Siennick. 2012. “Young Adults' 'Need': In the Eye of the Beholder?” In A. Booth, S. L. Brown, N. S. Landale, W. D. Manning, and S. M. McHale (Eds.), Early Adulthood in a Family Context. New York: Springer. [abstract]
  • Siennick, Sonja E. 2011. “Tough Love? Crime and Parental Assistance in Young Adulthood.” Criminology 49: 163-195. [abstract]
  • Silver, Eric Stacy J. Silver, Sonja E. Siennick, and George Farkas. 2011. “Bodily Signs of Academic Success: An Empirical Examination of Tatoos and Grooming." Social Problems 58(4): 538-564 [abstract]
  • Siennick, Sonja E. and Jeremy Staff. 2008. “Explaining the Educational Deficits of Delinquent Youths.” Criminology 46: 609-635. [abstract]
  • Siennick, Sonja E. and D. Wayne Osgood. 2008. “A Review of Research on the Impact on Crime of Transitions into Adult Roles.” In A. Liberman (Ed.), The Long View of Crime: A Synthesis of Longitudinal Research. New York: Springer. [abstract]
  • Siennick, Sonja E. 2007. “The Timing and Mechanisms of the Offending-Depression Link.” Criminology 45: 701-734. [abstract]


“Adolescent Friendship Networks and the Emergence of Substance Use,” funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse ($303,311 to FSU), 2013-2018.

"Crime and Substance Use in Romantic Partnerships," funded by the Florida State University Council on Research and Creativity ($14,000), 2012.

"Workshops for Sustained Graduate Student Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research" (with Patricia Warren Hightower), funded by the Florida State University Graduate School and Office of Research ($10,000), 2012.

"Examining Adult Sibling Relations and Rivalry in Criminal Context," funded by the Florida State University Council on Research and Creativity ($17,000), 2010.