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Research Brought
To Life.

When we say "research brought to life," we mean it. The research at FSU informs public policy and the faculty members who conduct that research bring it to life for the students in the classroom and through hands-on research experience and internships.

Graduate students and professor

The criminology students at Florida State University are learning from the best criminologists in the country.

  • The College's faculty is ranked number one for scholarly productivity compared to all other criminology doctoral programs in the country.
  • The top two criminologists in the country are faculty members at FSU. Dig a little deeper and you'll find that four of the top 25—8 of the top 65—are here. Impressive numbers that you won't find at any other state program.
  • Three faculty members were named among the top 10 for grant acquisition—bringing in money that supports students during a time when many state institutions are having to cut back on student funding.
  • College faculty serve as Editor or Co-Editor for some of the most important scholarly journals in our field, including Criminology, Social Problems, Criminology and Public Policy, the Journal of Quantitative Criminology, and the Journal of Drug Issues.

You can find details about these rankings in the Journal of Criminal Justice Education.

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